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For healthy, balanced, clear skin, cleanse with goat's milk soap...

Written by Natasha Rae, Holistic Nutritionist.

Goat's milk is honestly a miracle worker when it comes to using it ON the skin. Here's why!

  1. It's anti-inflammatory, thanks to essential fatty acids.
  2. It's packed with vitamins & antioxidants which will nourish and
    maintain the skin's integrity.
  3. It contains lactic acid which helps to slough off dead skin
    cells, hydrate and brighten the skin.
  4. It's high in vitamin A - one of the most important vitamins for
    healthy skin.

I use a goat milk cleanser every single day and it feels AMAAAZINNG! ....and yes, it works wonderful for people with dry OR oily skin.

Natasha uses and LOVES our Manuka Honey Goat Milk Cleanser :)

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