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It changed my skin, I know it can change someone else's

Written by Francine LeClair.

For the past month, I have been dreaming of the best way to share this story. Our Facebook and Instagram formats simply do not do justice for such a well written blog post as this one, therefore here we go... the destination is here and now. 

I am a skincare therapist by trade which has given me much experience working with people one on one and being an artist in the formulating of natural soap and skincare creations requires me to be naturally tactile. Technology is NOT a natural talent of mine and therefore sometimes I feel a bit awkward keeping up with the Instagram social media platform. 

So about a month ago, a woman named Marilyn had shared a "story" about The Cascadia Soap Co. on Instagram and I had no idea where this story existed or where to find it, so naturally I started looking into who this woman Marilyn is? After looking through many pictures on her Instagram feed, I recalled meeting her, and I said to my husband "I remember meeting her and chatting with her somewhere, maybe it was at the Granville Island Market?"

Thankfully my husband is super, ultra talented with technology so he very quickly figured out where to find this story by Marilyn:

"Buy Local"... Does Canada Count?

August 5, 2017

Written by Marilyn


In May I went on a cruise to Canada; we stopped in Vancouver as well as Victoria, BC. Telling you I enjoyed walking the streets of BC is an understatement. I am in love with that province. Anyways, ignore my fan-girling over here I am actually writing this to talk about locally made products for the skin. Coming from Nor Cal where every Thursday night there is a farmers market and moving to Eugene Oregon (hippiest little town) and attending by far the biggest farmers market I have ever seen; you would probably guess I just looove purchasing local goods. well your correct. I do. Sounds like I'm getting married to that fact huh? Because I am.

When I was in Vancouver locals were going on and on about this market that takes up an entire island and is only a two minute ferry ride located IN this city! How crazy good does that sound?! A market that takes over an island, I had to see this.

This market had everything you can possibly think of. Fruits, food, drinks, honey, wooden toys, clothes, blankets, makeup, all the way to jewelry and facial products. I had been going through a break out at the time due to all of the traveling  (foods and climate really affect my skin) so I made my first stop at Cascadia Soap Co. The different smells were really what caught my eye…or nose. Lavender, lemongrass, palmarosa and honey. You can truly almost smell it off of the island.

At the end of listening to the woman who helped create this company on the benefits of Manuka honey, and goat milk facial bars I was sold on the spot. I purchased a Manuka Honey and Goat Milk bar, some Liposomes Eye Cream and Daily Moisturizer.

The products don't lie, they also last longer than drug store acne products because a little goes a long way. Unlike acne free (what I used to use) and products like clean and clear, Cascadia products do not contain Benzoyl Peroxide or Silicic Acid. All natural and local ingredients made right there in the beautiful Cascades.

After almost three months I have finally needed to purchase more products (besides the Manuka Bar since I STILL have half a bar left! ). I went with the Liposomes Daily Moisturizer as well as the Forest Glen Goat Milk Face Bar; and they just arrived!

So excited to open up this new bottle and to get my face back to being silky smooth from the Goat Milk Bar! Did you  know that goat milk is very similar to human mothers milk? 
Maybe that's why the phrase "As smooth as a baby's bottom" became a thing… they are drinking that stuff all. day. long.

Please click on this link and give it a try, it will not disappoint. They sell way more products than the micro amount I just mentioned.

It changed my skin, I know it can change someone else's.