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The Truth About Eye Creams

Face Creams

You may have asked yourself, do I really need to use an eye cream? Is the cosmetic industry and the mass marketing involved just a big scam?

Here at Cascadia we believe questioning truth leads to truth being revealed. The answer is very simple really, but yet every body is different and the use of an eye cream from one enthusiast to another will have a few variables.

The simple answer is yes. As you are sitting here right now, do the pinch test:

Very gently pinch the skin on your body, then your face, and then directly underneath or above your eyes. Did you notice how the skin underneath and above the eyes is naturally much thinner in comparison to the remainder of your skin? So it would make complete sense that this skin is more fragile, which is why 99.9% of the time, this is the first area where we start to experience fine lines, wrinkles aka loss of elasticity, dehydration, and sometimes puffiness, dark circles, etc.

Can’t I just use my face cream around my eyes?

Well, it really depends on your skin and what ingredients are in your face cream. As much as we would want to slather our richest most nutritious facial cream around our eyes every day and night to slow down the aging process, the reality is through time if not immediately you will most likely experience sensitivities, possibly milia spots (trapped keratin), and sometimes adverse effects because the oils, butters and extracts are simply too heavy for this delicate area to absorb all at once.

At Cascadia, we do a lot of careful research and testing that is involved as we formulate all of our products, but in particular our eye cream. We understand that because the skin is much thinner in this area, it’s also much more sensitive. Our Rejuvenating Eye Cream is formulated with a carefully selected combination of active plant extracts, aimed at the problems we see around the eyes, with a base of organic aloe vera leaf juice which is key for hydrating this delicate skin but not weighing it down. Organic Shea butter is also added resulting in a lightweight, creamy consistency, while locking in the active plant extracts and still allowing the skin to breathe.

Key ingredients to look for in an eye cream are collagen boosting, skin regenerating, and caffeine!

Cascadia’s Rejuvenating Eye Cream includes:

🌿 Horsetail extract for collagen building. Horsetail being very high naturally in silica boosts our skin’s natural collagen production increasing firmness, elasticity, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

🌿 Camellia oil aka green tea oil is utilized, yep you guessed it for the caffeine which is known to increase circulation and decrease our under eye puffiness.

🌿 Comfrey Root, Geranium, and White Oak Bark for skin regenerating, reducing skin pigmentation dark spots (aka age spots), soothing sensitive skins, and tightening the skin by exercising the skin muscles.

Whatever you choose to use must be used consistently, results are achieved over time.

Our conclusion is, if you don’t have problems with puffiness, dark circles or need to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you can skip the eye cream and use a light facial moisturizer, especially if it is formulated for sensitive skin. Also taking care of removing eye makeup and reducing any other tugging, pulling or rubbing of the delicate skin around the eyes can play a key role in the youthfulness of this area.