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Vancouver Greenest City 2020

Greenest City 2020

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to step into the roles of owner, operator, formulator, and maker of our small family enterprise. Being an entrepreneur at heart, this opportunity to continue the lineage of an already established, honoured, and smooth running company has been in most ways an amazing and positive opportunity. I say "in most ways" because hey, perfectly imperfect is our reality right!?

So why am I here blogging about being perfectly imperfect?!

Our company was established back in the 90s and our clear mission at that time was to create sustainable, cruelty-free, all-natural and earth friendly skincare utilizing only the purest quality ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. This also continues to be our mission today.

But as Mother Nature changes, we also change. In the past years, as my husband and I continue to grow, evolve and align with living a more minimalistic lifestyle while striving for a zero waste home, I cringe when I look at a portion of our soap packaging.

At one of our physical retail locations in the Granville Island Public Market, we are required to wrap all of our soaps in a way that prevents the aroma from being bothersome to sensitive individuals, which is totally understandable... but aargh, the extra packaging material drives me crazy!!! This policy was implemented many years ago and our dearest family, as usual, made the best decisions based on availability of materials at that time. But times surely have changed! With my husband and I being new visionaries and decision makers of the company, we are now able to let go of what no longer serves us and our environment, to make room for more sustainable solutions.

Our beautiful city of Vancouver has a mission to become The Greenest City in the WORLD by 2020! Our family is 100% aligned with this mission, and wanting to ensure we are making our contribution at home and as a local business.

Here are just a few changes which will occur in the near future, leading up to 2020:

  • Our online soap orders will be mailed out in minimal paper packaging, say bye bye to unnecessary seal wrap!

  • All of our gift packages will still be present, but we will strictly be utilizing handmade compostable paper, and compostable ribbon.

  • When we are pressured to wrap our soaps to abide by policy (to reduce the aroma), it will be with a material that breaks down and decomposes naturally in our environment.
We are super excited to be on this journey of continuously becoming an even more sustainable company for the well being of our Mother Earth. Surely we will keep you updated on our discoveries and actions in striving to align with our city's vision for Greenest City in the WORLD by 2020!