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Skin Relief Salve

Skin Relief Salve

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For years, clients have told us of the relief and excellent results obtained when using our salve on both eczema and psoriasis. We knew that the other lavender, chamomile, vitamin E, and organic Shea butter combination would be beneficial, but we also knew that by adding a generous amount of calendula (a super anti-inflammatory) would make a great product even better for those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. 

We cannot express the satisfaction we feel when customers tell us the change it has made on their skin conditions: The skin no longer cracks and weeps, much of the redness disappears, and you get relief from the itching.

We recommend washing thoroughly with our lavender goat milk soap, rinse, and while your skin is still wet/damp, apply the salve sparingly on your concerned areas. Use daily.

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